Individual Learning Account

Individual Learning Account (ILA) is available to individuals who wish to document college-level military experience, licenses, college proficiency examinations and college-level corporate training programs. To apply for an Individual Learning Account, complete the ILA Application online.

The Individual Learning Account application fee entitles students to transcription services for one year. Students are advised that credits transcripted under the Individual Learning Account program may or may not apply to a degree program at Thomas Edison State University or another college. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that a receiving institution’s academic policy will allow transfer of each credit. Credit will not be transcripted in cases of obvious or apparent duplication or for courses deemed to be developmental. Individual Learning Account students who later decide to enroll at Thomas Edison State University should file an application for admission and submit the appropriate fees. At that time all credits will be reviewed for acceptance in the degree and the student will be informed as to which credits are appropriate for the specific degree. Individual Learning Account is not available for foreign credentials.