Thomas Edison State University Policy on Gender Designation Change in Academic Record

A student’s official academic record reflects the gender which the student identified on the admission application to Thomas Edison State University. Students who wish to change the gender designation in their official academic record must provide the Office of the Registrar with:

  • A brief statement requesting the change in gender signed by the student.


  • A certified copy of a court order showing their change of gender,


  • Another form of an acceptable legal document such as a valid driver’s license, marriage license, U.S. military ID card, valid passport, or birth certificate indicating the gender of the student.


  • Documentation of gender change from a licensed/qualified health care provider.

Upon receipt of the supporting documentation and request, the Office of the Registrar will update the student’s record in the student information system to reflect the new gender. Gender or change of gender does not appear on official Thomas Edison State University documents, including the transcript.

If the student also wishes to make a name change, please complete the Student Data Change Form.