BUS-2100 Quantitative Skills for Business

Quantitative Skills for Business applies a reasoning and analytic approach to the theories, tools, and models associated with numerical decision making. Applying an application-driven modality for learning, the course presents empirically-oriented, data-driven scenarios. Scrutinizing these cases assists students in honing both their professional and consumer decision-making skill sets. Topics include formulating and presenting management information, statistical analysis, quality control and quality management, decision making under uncertainty, project management, and financial decision making. This course is also designed to measure a student's competency in quantitative reasoning/literacy, one of the institutional learning outcomes.

Advisory: Before enrolling in Quantitative Skills for Business, students should have successfully completed at least one college-level mathematics course such as MAT-1050 Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics or MAT-1210 College Algebra, or their equivalents.




MAT-1050 or MAT-1210

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