MAN-2100 Principles of Management

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of organizational management. The emphasis of the course is to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage an organization. This course is especially relevant to those who are currently serving in, or aspire to be promoted to, supervisory and managerial positions within private, public, or federal sector organizations. To achieve this outcome, the course explores management from the perspective of planning, organizing, controlling, leading, and staff development. Specific topics addressed include leadership, teamwork, motivating employees, decision making, conflict, organizational culture and structure, stakeholder management, business and corporate strategy, change management, and business ethics. Students will examine management as a function of controlling organizational resources for the purpose of achieving organizational goals and explore management’s role in the efficient and effective use of resources.

Advisory: Students who completed MAN-3010: Principles of Management at Thomas Edison State University before August of 2018 should not take this course, as credit will not be awarded for both courses.



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