About Guided Study Courses

Guided Study (GS) courses allow independent learning in a structured 12-week format. In Guided Study courses, a student's understanding of the subject matter presented in the course materials will be assessed through the assignments submitted to the mentor and through examinations or final projects. Most Guided Study courses include a midterm and a final examination or final project. The mentor will assign a grade for the course based on all assignments and the examinations, according to the formula described in the syllabus. Zero is assigned for each assignment not completed.

Guided Study courses allow independent learning in a structured format with the guidance and feedback of a mentor. Designed to be completed in a 12-week semester, each Guided Study course includes a detailed week-by-week calendar or schedule that will guide students through reading, writing, and viewing assignments.

Mentors, assigned by the University, formally assess academic progress through written assignments and proctored examinations. Mentors are available for consultation by telephone or email. Once students are registered for a Guided Study course, an online account will be set up that will enable the student to connect to myEdison®, the University’s online portal. This site may be accessed at www2.tesu.edu/myedison/. The University will email the student a log on ID and password with the registration confirmation. When students register for courses, they should provide the University with an accurate, preferred email address so that they may receive this important information in time to begin their course work.

Student Profile

Guided Study is recommended for independent study students who enjoy reading and writing for courses in a structured environment with minimal direction from a mentor. Mentors are available to assist and provide feedback as necessary, but they do not assume a tutoring role. Flexible policies allow students who are unexpectedly challenged by schedule, personal, medical or family constraints to extend the semester when circumstances warrant. Students enrolled in Guided Study courses must submit assignments via an assignment link in their course space. Students who have legitimate reasons for not being able to use computers or who do not have access the internet may contact the University for special consideration. Students whose circumstances may require alternative arrangements should call the Office of Accessibility Services at 609-984-1141, ext. 3415, to request accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Services will determine if such accommodations are warranted. Please note that email will no longer be acceptable as a means of submitting assignments.