Bachelor's to Master's Program Policy

Thomas Edison State University undergraduates may apply for conditional admission to the Thomas Edison State University graduate program of their choice when:

  • they have earned at least 60 undergraduate transcripted credits;
  • they have a minimum TESU GPA of 3.0; and
  • they have three years of degree program relevant experience.

Conditionally admitted students will not be permitted to enroll in graduate courses until they have successfully completed 90 undergraduate credits with an overall Thomas Edison State University GPA of 3.0. Conditionally admitted students may earn up to 12 graduate credits (four courses) to meet requirements for both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These students will pay undergraduate tuition for the 12 graduate credits (four courses) and must maintain their active undergraduate enrollment status. NOTE: There are required courses in each graduate program in which undergraduate students may enroll; students can check with an academic advisor for those courses.

Students who do not achieve a 3.0 TESU GPA in their graduate course work will not be permitted to take additional courses. Students who do not complete the 12 credits successfully will have to reapply for admission to graduate study.