Enrollment Withdrawal Policy

Enrollment is the method by which a student actively pursues a degree at Thomas Edison State University. Students are enrolled at Thomas Edison State University when they have selected an academic degree program and make payment under an appropriate tuition plan. A student's enrollment date is defined as the 10th day of a term in which the student enrolls under the Per Credit Tuition plan, the Full-Time Flat-Rate Tuition plan, or through contractual and military agreements. This tuition covers a period of one year of service.

Students may elect to withdraw their enrollment at Thomas Edison State University at any time. Students must complete the Thomas Edison State University Enrollment Withdrawal request form to notify the University that they wish to withdraw their enrollment. An enrollment withdrawal will end the student’s enrolled student status with the University. Students are encouraged to discuss this withdrawal with their academic advisor prior to submitting the form to the Office of the Registrar. Students who withdraw from the University will lose access to all Thomas Edison State University services including myEdison®, Student Self Service, their Thomas Edison State University student email account, academic advising, and their Academic Evaluation. Students who withdraw their enrollment will be responsible for and will be billed any outstanding charges due to the University in accordance with University policy regarding tuition and fee refunds.

For financial aid students, the last day of attendance for any registered courses may require a prorated portion of federal financial aid to be returned due to federal guidelines. Students are responsible to Thomas Edison State University for tuition and fees not covered by financial aid awards. Students will receive notification from the Office of Student Financial Accounts and Operations regarding any balance due once the enrollment withdrawal is processed. Withdrawing from courses may result in the denial of future financial aid because of unsatisfactory academic progress.

Students who have withdrawn their enrollment are normally eligible to reapply for enrollment as a degree- seeking student or as a nonmatriculated, nondegree seeking student. In either case, the student must reapply through the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Services.