When a mentor receives an assignment from a student, they will assess the learning, make comments on the assignments, offer suggestions for improvement, and assign a letter or percentage grade. Students should keep copies of all assignments. If a student is working in an online, Guided Study, or nursing course, they must use the assignment link within myEdison®, the University’s online course delivery system powered by Moodle. A student also will be able to communicate with their mentor through online discussions of his/her work. Students should receive a response to their assignments within a week after submission.

Mentors will send the student their grade, and they will send their final grade report to the Office of the Registrar. Final course grades are available for viewing and printing online on Student Self Service approximately two weeks after a semester ends. The University will not release grades to students by any other means. If you find errors or omissions in a Grade Report, report the error immediately — in writing — to the Office of the Registrar.