When a student registers for a course, they will be assigned a mentor who will be assessing course assignments and examinations. Mentors are assigned according to their availability for the given semester. Except for prior learning assessment (PLA) courses, students may request a particular mentor, if students indicate a preference at the time of registration. That is, a student must indicate on the Registration Form, on Student Self Service when the select the course, or to the Office of the Registrar when calling, which mentor is preferred.

Mentors are expected to assess the work accomplished, and they are available to offer guidance on matters of course content when needed. However, since all Thomas Edison State University courses are for independent adult students, mentors are not considered tutors who assist students in remedial aspects of their work.

After a student registers, before the semester begins, the student will receive a confirmation email.  Students will receive access information for the online course site via their confirmation email.