Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement

Thomas Edison State University is covered by, and will strive to adhere to, the tenets of the Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement adopted by New Jersey President’s Council on Sept. 22, 2008. Students who wish more specific information concerning the transfer of credit should contact the University at; Attention: Director of Transfer Evaluations.

Thomas Edison State University also participates in NJ Transfer. This program provides a statewide transfer agreement process to determine the transferability of courses to participating New Jersey colleges and universities. Participating institutions are listed at

Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement Appeals Process

Thomas Edison State University has implemented the New Jersey Statewide Transfer and Articulation Agreement policies as a transfer resource to support course transfer decisions made by the University. The University provides an appeal process for students who believe a transfer decision is not consistent with this policy. This appeal process is featured on the University’s website and in the University Catalog. Questions regarding the appeal process can be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar by phone at 609-984-1180 or by email at