Online courses include all courses with the OL, NU, or NG suffix in the course code. Online courses put the student in contact with fellow students and mentors using the internet, allowing participation in public course discussions as well as private collegial discussions.

Students register for online courses via Online Student Services. Students use the OL suffix to indicate that they are registering for an online course. The course will be offered in the University’s Moodle Learning Management System accessed via the myEdison® student portal. Please refer to our myEdison/Course Access page for login information and instructions. Please note that students' course(s) will appear in the myEdison® portal on the Friday before the term starts. Until then, the courses will not be visible, but students can confirm their upcoming schedule in Online Student Services under “Academic Profile”.

Registration for Online Courses

When students register for courses, they need to provide the University with an accurate, preferred email address so that they may receive this important information in time to begin course work. It is recommended that students verify their student records online at Online Student Services before their course begins. At students’ first login, they will obtain their logon ID and password by selecting “I’m new to Online Student Services” and following the prompts. A temporary password will be generated and emailed to the student. After initial log in, students will be required to change their password. For most students, the logon ID will be the student’s first name, followed by a period, then the student’s last name (example: frank.smith). Students who have the same first and last names will be assigned a number to provide them with unique log on IDs (example: frank.smith2).