Appeals and Waivers

Academic Appeals

Students may appeal an academic decision. Such appeals must be filed within 30 days of the date of the notification of that decision. All appeals must be submitted in writing to the dean of the School in which the student is enrolled. 

Academic Waivers

Request for a waiver of a specific requirement and/or University policy must be submitted in writing to the dean of the School in which the student is enrolled.

Course Tuition Appeals

Students may appeal for a refund or credit of course tuition due to an extenuating personal or medical situation. If approved, the University may provide a full or partial refund and it may be in the form of a course tuition charge removal from the account, a nonrefundable tuition credit for a future term or a refund directly to the student or payer, at its sole discretion. To be considered, students must submit documentation and submit their appeal to the Office of the Registrar using this secure upload.

Example of appropriate documentation:

Medical event/situation for you or dependent: Medical Based Appeal Form or a letter from your licensed health care provider indicating that you were unable to participate in the course for a specified period of time.

Death of immediate family member: Obituary of deceased indicating relationship to you

Employment related: Letter from employer explaining unexpected increase in work responsibilities/hours

Personal: Documentation showing that the situation was unknown to you at the start of the term but became known during the term and preventing you from being able to participate and complete the course for a significant portion of the term.

Administrative (Nonacademic) Appeals and Waivers

Students may appeal a decision from any office in the University regarding an administrative action, policy, or procedure. Such an appeal must be submitted in writing to the Administrative Appeals Committee via mail (Thomas Edison State University - Administrative Appeals Committee, 111 W. State St., Trenton, NJ 08608), email at

Supporting documentation not submitted with the appeal may otherwise be required by the committee. The Administrative Appeals Committee considers administrative matters involving financial relief, waivers, exceptions to policies, and other special considerations of departmental decisions across all divisions of the University.

Appeals Related to Disability Accommodations

A student must first make a written request to the ADA coordinator. If the request is denied, the student may then send a written appeal to the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President at The appeal must contain the student’s full name, student ID number, address, daytime telephone number, and email address (if applicable). The appeal must also include the circumstances surrounding the concern such as specific issue(s) and person(s) involved, specific date(s) of the concern, and the proposed remedy a student is seeking. The appeal must be submitted within 14 days of receipt of the original denial.